Vision, Mission, Values


Our members provide individuals with peace of mind and we promote a society where every person is prepared for life's changing cycles and for those situations unforeseen. Our industry provides solutions to meet the following financial needs:

  •       long-term protection
  •       savings
  •       investment
  •       wealth management
  •       retirement funding


Our members are committed to being a progressive life insurance industry by collectively enhancing consumer understanding, promoting industry best practices, and through the association fostering a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect with government and business leaders.


The association and its members are:

  1. Unified in our resolve to deliver innovative solutions where every individual's needs are best met.

  2. Professional in the way we conduct ourselves and in the counsel we give.

  3. Ethical in ensuring our policyholders’ interests are managed with utmost integrity.

  4. Fair in how we strive to provide favourable outcomes to both our policyholders and shareholders.

  5. Open and Honest in all that we do to build an environment of trust and transparency.

  6. Proactive in the steps we take to give our people the skills and knowledge to provide sound solutions at all times.